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The Australasian Piano Tuners and Technicians Association, APTTA, was formed in 1984 and has over 300 professional members and branch associations in WA, SA, Vic, NSW, Qld, and New Zealand. If you are considering joining the APTTA please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to express your interest.

The APTTA’s overarching goal is to raise standards of piano tuning and service for the benefit and enjoyment of pianists and all those who enjoy piano music.

APTTA holds regular conventions to give our widely dispersed piano technicians an opportunity to gather and exchange information, develop and refine their piano tuning and piano technology skills and to set upon new goals and directions for the association. Many tuners are sole practitioners and the association’s conventions provide pleasant and valuable technical forums.

You may also view the Code of Ethics that all members must abide by to remain a member of the APTTA. 

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The development of a new curriculum for the training of piano technicians, and development of the training package for Piano Technology.

The introduction of an examination system for the uniform assessment of tuning and repair skills and piano knowledge across all branches for existing and new members. See ARPT.

Active membership of the International Association of Piano Builders and Technicians (IAPBT) - a body consisting of the major piano associations of Europe, UK, USA, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, China, and South Africa. At the most recent Brisbane convention an exchange of information between these 
bodies occurred, with the goal of standardizing accreditation standards. 

The APTTA welcomes and supports the establishment of the Australasian Piano Technology course in Melbourne. With the exception of some structured private apprenticeships, this is currently the only piano technician training course available in Australasia.